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100% Renewables is a consulting business. We help leading organisations and councils map out a path to 100% renewable energy, as well as implement and sustain the plan over time. We package the most cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy options and tailor each strategy to our client's unique situation.

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We are providing advice on the suitability, benefits and costs of utilising Council's existing assets to generate renewable energy. We are analysing current and future opportunities and options for the development of a long-term energy strategy

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Four Steps to 100% Renewable Energy

Four steps to 100% Renewable energy

How to achieve 100% renewable energy
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Initially, when you commit to 100% renewable energy it feels like a daunting target. Cost-effectively changing your whole energy supply from conventional fossil fuel sources procured via a small number of contracts, to one that is based wholly on renewable energy sounds difficult. However, when you break this target down using a methodical, planned approach that considers your boundaries, timeframes, what can be achieved now and what you might be able to do more of in future, your target will feel more feasible and within reach.

Like many approaches to resource conservation (for example, waste, water) reaching 100% renewables involves developing plans for different options for achieving your goal. In our experience, these options can be organized into three opportunity areas (Reduce, Produce, Purchase), and the approach taken is to assess the capacity and cost-effectiveness of actions in each area.
If you want to find out more, download our guide on how to get to 100% renewable energy.

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