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100% Renewables is a consulting business. Businesses that benefit the most from our solutions are mid to large sized energy users that have a significant potential to reduce their energy consumption and produce renewable energy.

In the last few years, transitioning to renewables has become cost effective and eventually, every organisation will wean itself off fossil-based fuels. It is not a question of if, but when.

We are experts in mapping out a path to 100% renewable energy or zero net carbon emissions. We package the most cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy options and tailor each strategy to our client’s unique situation. Part of our work is also helping our clients implement and sustain the plan over time.

We also work with organisations that are interested in maximising their on-site renewable energy installation or that want to set themselves a sustainability target appropriate to their circumstances.

100% Renewables is on the panel of preferred suppliers with the NSW Government and the Federal Government and our clients are regularly receiving awards for the projects we help them implement.