NORTH SYDNEY IS GOING RENEWABLE – an initiative brought to you by North Sydney Council

With rising electricity and gas prices, energy efficiency and renewables have never been more affordable. Please take our survey to have your say and for a chance to win one of five double movie passes, or one of five ‘Energy Unlimited‘ books.

North Sydney Council is currently investigating a range of opportunities to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our local government area by 2020 and has engaged the consultancy 100% Renewables to help with this task.

As part of this process, Council wants to hear from the community about the energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies you think should be considered based on your experience and views.  Please take the short 5-minute survey to give your input to this process.

North Sydney Council will use the feedback from this survey to gain an understanding of energy supply and use, to assist with the community transition to sustainable energy. For more information, please contact Council’s Sustainability Project Officer,  Ian Garradd, at 02 9936 8100.

Notes on the infographic:
[1] The graph for rising energy prices has been roughly modelled after the Australian Energy Market Operator’s National Electricity Forecasting report from 2016.
[2] The graph for falling prices of renewables has been roughly modelled after Bloomberg New Energy Finance cost curve for renewables.
[3] While purchasing GreenPower attracts a premium to conventional electricity, there are numerous other ways that residents and businesses can benefit from falling renewable prices. Examples are replacing gas heaters with heat pumps, or installing solar panels and solar hot water where appropriate. In addition, there are several energy retailers that offer carbon neutral electricity at competitive rates that don’t cost more than conventional electricity. Larger businesses can join renewable energy buyers group and both residents and businesses can participate in community renewables.