Why choose us

100% Renewables has a single focus, to help leading organisations develop, implement and sustain measures that significantly increase their level of renewable energy generation and energy efficiency.

Our approach to our work sets us apart from other organisations, and can be summarised as follows.

Customer guarantee

Our customers are at the centre of our work, and all plans we develop and approaches we adopt are based around what our customers want. To summarise our approach with customers:

  • We are passionate about our customers and helping you achieve your goals
  • We are passionate about energy efficiency and renewable energy, and we bring this to our work
  • We will communicate openly, regularly and with clarity
  • We share our knowledge to build your confidence and skills

Customer alignment

Consistent with our Customer Guarantee, 100% RE’s first priority is to get aligned with you, your people, plans and situation. We aim to do this early and rapidly through engagement and learning, specifically about:

  • Your vision, goals and plans
  • Understanding your organisation and past activities
  • Your individual, regional and regulatory circumstances
  • We will listen to your stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement

Following on from early engagement and learning, our approach seeks to get input from as wide a range of internal and external perspectives as possible and practical, so that all options for the Renewable Energy Target Plan are identified and evaluated and can be further prioritised and agreed upon transparently and inclusively. To do this we will:

  • Conduct site visits and analyse existing site plans and opportunities with site owners
  • Hold one-on-one meetings with people at all levels
  • Facilitate group workshops
  • Help our clients build consensus on the opportunities to pursue
  • We will engage with external parties including RE suppliers, developers, retailers, networks, regulators, interest and buying groups as needed to progress the evaluation of our clients preferred RE options
  • Analyse barriers and enablers in consultation with our clients, and
  • We will educate by sharing information, clearly explaining our analysis and methods, and by doing so increase knowledge and literacy relating to renewables and energy efficiency

Technical excellence

The renewable energy market is changing rapidly, with technology improvements, competition, storage, network and regulatory responses, financial models and the number of participants changing rapidly. Solutions for today may not be the right solutions in a few years’ time. It is important to stay abreast of these changes through engagement, research and continuing learning. 100% RE does this through:

  • Keeping up to date with technology developments
  • Our knowledge of energy and carbon markets, and continuing engagement with participants at all levels
  • Our strong attention to detail
  • Our project expertise developed through our work with other organisations as described

In addition, we believe in sharing our knowledge and analysis to build technical skills and literacy, and so we will freely share our analysis with you to aid this.

Economic analysis

Lastly, 100% RE is aware that the economics and delivery of energy efficiency and renewables’ can be confusing. Terms like payback, net present value, LCOE, Power Purchase Agreements, Direct Offtake, internal rate of return and more are used, and it can be difficult to get a clear sense of how some measures compare with others. In our work with our clients we will:

  • Engage with our client’s financial team to CFO, to understand our client’s preferences and approaches to evaluation of investments
  • Use appropriate financial analysis techniques, and share these in a transparent manner
  • Clearly explain potential financing and delivery models
  • Tailor the final strategy and plan to align with your financial situation and preferences
  • We are passionate about our customers and helping them achieve their goals
  • We are passionate about energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • We will communicate openly, regularly and with clarity
  • We share our knowledge to build our customer’s confidence and skills