Act quickly: 50% government funding available for an organisation seeking to transition to 100% renewable energy

Fund matching by the OEH for organisations wanting to transition to 100% renewable energyAre you an organisation seeking to shift to renewables, perhaps even to 100% renewable energy?

Then the following offer might be of interest to you.

If you meet the following criteria, you may be eligible for a 1:1 fund matching by the NSW Government:

  1. You are a manufacturing business with operations in NSW with a medium to high energy consumption (at least $500,000 in energy costs per annum)
  2. Your organisation is committed to a sustainable energy future, such as a goal of 100% renewable energy
  3. You will benefit from a plan that will help you achieve your sustainable and renewable energy targets in the most cost-effective way
  4. You are ready to get started with the project before the end of the 15/16 financial year

If this is you, please contact us asap to not miss out on this fantastic opportunity.