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The evolution of sustainability reporting

Welcome back to our series on the Australian Sustainability Reporting Standards (ASRS). In this third piece, we explore the journey of sustainability reporting, tracing its path from voluntary initiatives to today’s emerging mandatory frameworks such as the mandatory ASRS climate reporting. Understanding this progression is crucial to recognising the potential

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Estimating scope 1 emissions from landfill: The benefits and limitations of the NGER Solid Waste Calculator

With landfill emissions often representing the biggest component of local government carbon footprints, more and more councils are seeking a deeper understanding of how waste emissions are generated, calculated, and, potentially, mitigated. When it comes to quantifying emissions from council-owned landfills, there are two distinct approaches commonly used in Australia.

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The NGA Factors evolution: Embracing the market-based method

The National Greenhouse Account (NGA) Factors document released in August last year introduced significant alterations that reflect the evolving landscape of emissions assessment practices. Notably, the changes represent an important move towards greater harmony with the methodologies used under Climate Active, reflecting a greater degree of collaboration and coordination across

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