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Estimating scope 1 emissions from landfill: The benefits and limitations of the NGER Solid Waste Calculator

With landfill emissions often representing the biggest component of local government carbon footprints, more and more councils are seeking a deeper understanding of how waste emissions are generated, calculated, and, potentially, mitigated. When it comes to quantifying emissions from council-owned landfills, there are two distinct approaches commonly used in Australia.

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Navigating the road to sustainable fleet transition

In the global pursuit of a greener future, the transformation of vehicle fleets will play a pivotal role. At 100% Renewables, we have been seeing a sharp increase in requests from all kinds of organisations for advice on fleet transition issues, especially with regards to the abatement potential, economic feasibility,

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2023 Climate Active electricity carbon accounting rules

During 2023, Climate Active has made a number of updates to its guidance regarding how to account for electricity-based emissions and reduction measures, which is helping to provide clarity and consistency on some important, long-standing issues. Guidance was updated in March, and again in August, and an updated electricity calculator

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B-Corp vs. Climate Active: Certifications for Sustainable Businesses in Focus

In the current rapidly evolving responsible business landscape, avoiding greenwashing is critical. To ensure credibility, organisations not only face the important challenge of embracing sustainability, but also choosing the right third-party certification to effectively showcase their achievements. With a multitude of sustainability certifications available, it can be confusing working out

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