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Impressions from the inaugural Renewable Cities Australia conference

Barbara Albert speaking at RCA smallres

Patrick and Barbara attended the inaugural Renewable Cities Australia conference in June this year. 100% Renewables is a proud sponsor of RCA, as we truly believe in the role that cities and towns play in our move to a sustainable future,  where we change from a fossil-fuel based energy supply to one that is renewable and clean. 100% Renewables is also providing advice to the strategy and operations of RCA, with Barbara being a member of  RCA’s advisory board.

100% Renewables has great experience in helping councils maximise their energy productivity and production of renewable energy and we talked about this experience at the conference, see photo on the left. If you are interested in the presentation, you can access it here: Resources Section

There were speakers from big cities like Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide, but also from smaller cities and communities talking about their progress in moving towards a future of renewable energy. The forum provided an ideal opportunity for everyone involved in policy, business, education and community to share their progress and learn from others on the journey to 100% renewable energy.

Presentations included the sustainability strategy of various cities, opportunities for generating renewable energy in cities, how councils can partner with their communities to achieve sustainable outcomes, the role of the corporate world in growing renewable cities, low carbon transport opportunities and learning from case study examples where cities and towns are on the way, or have already achieved 100% renewable energy.

Patrick Denvir looking at storage technologies smallres

The forum was co-located with the Energy Storage Conference and Patrick and Barbara had great fun exploring the exhibitor stands, see picture above.
A highlight for Barbara was the beautiful, fully electric Tesla car, featured below.

Barbara Albert in front of a Tesla car smallres

Act quickly: 50% government funding available for an organisation seeking to transition to 100% renewable energy

Fund matching by the OEH for organisations wanting to transition to 100% renewable energyAre you an organisation seeking to shift to renewables, perhaps even to 100% renewable energy?

Then the following offer might be of interest to you.

If you meet the following criteria, you may be eligible for a 1:1 fund matching by the NSW Government:

  1. You are a manufacturing business with operations in NSW with a medium to high energy consumption (at least $500,000 in energy costs per annum)
  2. Your organisation is committed to a sustainable energy future, such as a goal of 100% renewable energy
  3. You will benefit from a plan that will help you achieve your sustainable and renewable energy targets in the most cost-effective way
  4. You are ready to get started with the project before the end of the 15/16 financial year

If this is you, please contact us asap to not miss out on this fantastic opportunity.