Financing strategy

Financing strategy

Once you have developed your sustainability or emissions reduction/net zero strategy, one of the next steps is thinking about how your identified projects will be financed. You need to plan ahead to align with your strategic and operational plans, budgetary cycles and making sure that you are meeting your targets. It’s important to determine the best ways to finance your net zero projects, given your circumstances and objectives. Some financing options require money from the budget; some might be free, or co-funded via grants, and some might be loan-financed or financed via third parties such as lease or EPC providers. There are also other, more innovative options such as the establishment of an internal carbon price, an onsite solar PPA, the creation of a revolving energy fund, or the establishment of a community energy project.With all those different financing options, there are varying degrees of skills, human resources, internal systems and processes required to help set them up and maintain them.

  • Cumulative cash flow of your action plan
  • Comparison of financing options
  • Scenario and budget modelling

For further information, please download our Financing Strategy brochure.

How can we help you with your financing needs?

We can help you define your optimal financing strategy to deliver your net zero strategy. Specifically, we can support you with:

  • Pre-evaluating possible financing options and selecting a shortlist
  • Relating each option to your current situation
  • Determining the risks and opportunities of each financing option
  • Workshopping the best options with key organisational stakeholders
  • Developing a draft financing pathway – determining when to finance what project
  • Model scenarios based on different inputs
  • If needed, help with establishing an internal price on carbon or setting up a revolving energy fund
  • Obtaining feedback from your leadership team
  • Refining your preferred financing options and scenario modelling
  • Developing a final pathway for implementation

What our clients
say about us

Catriona Jennings Sustainability and Education Officer, Dubbo Regional Council

“100% Renewables were fantastic to work with, they had a great understanding of local government and worked well with Council to achieve the best outcome for the project.”

Inner West Council Manager Urban Sustainability,

“What I like about 100% Renewables is their flexibility of approach, acceptance and response to feedback, as well as their willingness to understand client needs.”

Kempsey Shire Council Jessica Marsh, Sustainability Officer – Strategic & Environmental Planning

“I would say that the team at 100% Renewables are extremely professional and talented, and they made an initially daunting task manageable, and we worked with each other every step of the way. The team have great technical skills as well as engagement approaches that work well together. They were easy to deal with, always contactable and delivered our strategy on time, thank you!”