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Here ,you’ll find Barbara’s book, lots of e-books and tools we have developed/written over the years.

Energy Unlimited – Four Steps to 100% Renewable Energy

Barbara wrote her first book ‘Energy Unlimited’ in 2016. It was published in January 2017. ENERGY UNLIMITED is the ultimate guide for developing a long-term, sustainable energy strategy for an organisation. Packed with case studies, critical success factors, 33 illustrations, checklists and practical examples from the author’s experience it provides a powerful, step-by-step framework that walks its readers through the end-to-end process of converting to renewable energy.

Transition to Net Zero: Local Government’s Role

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s (DPIE) Sustainable Councils and Communities (SCC) Program works with resource constrained councils and Joint Organisations (JOs) across NSW. The SCC commissioned 100% Renewables in 2021 to develop this report, ‘Transition to Net Zero: Local Government Role In Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions to 2030 and 2050‘ to understand what role local government can play in meeting NSW’s emission reduction objectives.

Revolving Energy Fund (REF) Implementation Guide

As part of the Sustainable Councils      and     Communities and Sustainability Advantage programs, 100% Renewables was commissioned to develop a set of resources to assist councils to pitch, design, develop, implement and manage a successful Revolving Energy Fund (REF). This tool will estimate the total funding needed to finance projects based on their expected year of implementation and forecast how a portfolio of projects will perform


Revolving Energy Fund (REF) Excel Tool

The REF excel tool was developed and designed to model the cash flows of a Revolving Energy Fund, taking into consideration the following costs and benefits for each project:

  • Cost of the project to be funded by the REF
  • Estimated savings that will be generated from the project
  • Funding from the REF
  • The proportion of savings that will be returned to the REF

Renewable Energy Blueprint for Local Governments

100% Renewables developed the ‘Renewable Energy Blueprint for Local Governments’ for the Department of Premier and Cabinet. This document is a blueprint to guide councils on how to start renewable energy projects in their operations and in their local communities, and to learn from the experiences of others, including understanding known barriers and how to overcome them, potential financing models and case studies of regional collaboration and partnership.


Financing Options for Sustainability Projects

100% Renewables developed the Financing Options for Sustainability Projects which tackles why you need a funding strategy, how to align it with broader organisational strategies and plans, a detailed discussion about various funding options, how a financing strategy can be integrated into organisational planning and developing an optimal financing strategy.



How to Achieve 100% Renewable Energy for Organisations

This guide will help organisations achieve the ambitious goal of 100% renewable energy or zero net emissions. We believe it is possible to reach strong clean energy and carbon targets in a cost neutral if not cost positive way and it is our mission to help organisations towards such targets in the most beneficial way.

Hot Water Guide for Residents and Businesses

100% Renewables developed the NSW Hot Water Guide for Residents and SMEs for the Department of Planning & Industry in 2018. This guide has been prepared to provide households and small businesses with information to select the best hot water system for your specific circumstances and needs.

GreenPower® Guide for Businesses

100% Renewables developed the GreenPower Guide for Businesses for the National GreenPower® Accreditation Scheme in 2018. The 44-page guide can help Australian businesses make educated decisions about how to achieve their sustainability goals using renewable energy.


Coming soon...

Carbon Offset Primer

How to Achieve Net Zero Emissions

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