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100% Renewables is a consulting business. We help leading organisations and councils map out a path to 100% renewable energy, as well as implement and sustain the plan over time. We package the most cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy options and tailor each strategy to our client’s unique situation.


Top management


Barbara is a co-founder and Director of 100% Renewables Pty Ltd. She is a consultant, author, trainer, and speaker who works with businesses and governments on carbon management, climate change resilience, and mapping out the path to 100% renewable energy. Barbara is a preferred supplier for both the NSW and Federal Governments and a trusted advisor to several local Governments. Barbara is committed to her clients’ success with several of them gaining official recognition for their achievements and winning leading industry awards.

She is currently writing a book on how organisations can achieve 100% renewable energy which is due for release in mid-2016.


Patrick has more than 20 years’ experience in the energy management and renewable energy industry in Australia. He held a number of senior technical and management roles at Energetics Pty Ltd over a 15 year period, including General Manager Consulting and Principal Consultant for Energy Efficiency and Government Policy. He is a co-founder and Director of 100% Renewables Pty Ltd.

Our products

Our experience with working for organisations that have made a commitment to a 100% renewable energy goal shows that most have the following problems:

  • They worry about the technical feasibility of a 100% renewable energy goal and are not aware of the many different pathways that are available
  • They are concerned about the organisation’s financial viability and worry about the cost and financing strategy
  • They lack buy-in with asset owners and other key organisational stakeholders

We have a proven methodology for overcoming these hurdles. The combination of our technical experience and engaging key stakeholders results in the identification of the most suitable energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities. The outcome of our work is a fully costed action plan with a financing strategy that is aligned with your organisation’s financial situation and preference. Our solid stakeholder engagement and education process results in an empowered workforce that feels ownership. The ultimate benefit for your organisation is cost-effective sustainability leadership, with a clear path to a fossil free future and energy prices that are locked in for the long term.

Possible Interview Topics

How can organisations achieve 100% renewable energy?

What renewable energy technologies are market-ready?

Long-term sustainable energy plans?

The cost-effectiveness of moving to 100% renewable energy

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Barbara Albert, director: Email: barbara[at] Mobile: 0408 487 648

Patrick Denvir, director: Email: patrick[at] Mobile: 0408 413 597