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Barbara Albert

Barbara is the Co-CEO of 100% Renewables. She is a speaker, podcaster and award-winning author of the book ‘Energy Unlimited’.

Barbara specialises in developing net zero and decarbonisation strategies for large energy users, specifically local governments and their communities. She regularly shares her experience on the company’s blog and YouTube channel.

Barbara holds a master’s degree in commerce from the University for Business Administration and Economics in Vienna and studied at New York University’s Stern School of Business.

0408 487 648

Patrick Denvir

Patrick has more than 25 years’ experience in the energy management and renewable energy industry in Australia. He held a number of senior technical and management roles at Energetics Pty Ltd over a 15 year period, including General Manager Consulting and Principal Consultant for Energy Efficiency and Government Policy.

He is a co-founder and Director of 100% Renewables Pty Ltd.

0408 413 597

About 100% Renewables

100% Renewable Energy – Zero Emissions

In the two years prior to the signing of the landmark Paris Agreement, Barbara and Patrick developed some of the earliest 100% renewable energy strategies for organisations in Australia. It became increasingly clear to us that achieving ambitious climate targets is not only aligned with aspirational sustainability goals but can be a driver for profit and a significant opportunity for business

We founded 100% Renewables in 2015 with a clear purpose to help leading organisations with climate ambition to achieve their goals. Since then, we have established ourselves as a leading national consultancy in the development of net zero, carbon neutral and climate positive strategies. Our work is with organisations who see the intersection of business and climate ambition action as an opportunity.

Services we offer

100% Renewables is a national consultancy specialising in the development of net zero, carbon neutral and climate positive strategies. We work with large energy-using businesses and government organisations with ambitious climate action goals.

In addition to delivering net zero strategies and helping our clients achieve carbon neutrality under Climate Active, our other services are commercial and mid-scale solar feasibility and implementation support, carbon footprinting, science-based target setting, energy auditing, sustainable procurement, fleet transition strategies, financing climate action, and on-call services.

We are a leader in sustainability communication through our “Driving Net Profit with Zero Emissions” podcast and videos, and through our blog posts and monthly newsletters. We showcase examples of climate action leadership and provide answers to our followers’ questions so that others can learn from them and apply them to their own net zero journey.

Possible interview topics

  • How organisations can achieve 100% renewable energy
  • How organisations can achieve net zero emissions
  • Developing net zero strategies and action plans
  • Carbon footprinting, target setting

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