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If your target is to be climate positive, you may also consider going beyond net zero by

  • offsetting more than your carbon footprint
  • offsetting historical emissions
  • achieving true zero without offset

Working towards net zero shows that you acknowledge the need to decarbonise and you see the opportunities this creates for your business, and not just the costs.

Business benefits are:

  • Increased business value, reputation and growth
  • Investment in low-carbon technology and products/service innovation
  • Better talent acquisition and retention
  • Informed sustainable procurement decisions
  • Operational cost savings and better bottom line
  • Engaged and aligned stakeholders

We are known for developing net zero strategies that are pragmatic and are endorsed by senior decision makers. We have a proven, three-step method for delivering our net zero projects.

The first step of our project delivery, ‘align’, is about engaging with your key organisational stakeholders and your Executive Leadership team. We believe it is important to bring your stakeholders along on the journey from the start, to ensure buy-in. Through workshops, one-on-one meetings and by running a diagnostic, we will create a whole-of-organisation consensus on what your net zero strategy will include.
In the second step, ‘analyse’, we will develop your carbon footprint, identify your abatement and offset opportunities, develop the business cases and create short, medium and long term plans.
In the final phase, ‘adopt’, we will develop your Net Zero Strategy, recommend interim targets and help you secure support to adopt your strategy.

Typically, it takes four to six months from the time you engage us to the final net zero strategy. Depending on the extent of your desired consultation, you may want to develop this over a longer period.

For further information, please download our Net Zero Strategy brochure.

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