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Episode #20 - Recorded on May 24, 2024

Above and Beyond: BridgeClimb Sydney’s Environmental Journey

“It’s called a crisis for a reason, and the sooner we can do things, the better. I think the education that I got through this process was that we are already at a point that is very difficult. So now we all have to get on board. You know, now I look at the world slightly differently when I travel myself, I look at what other people are doing and whether they’re not doing it, it’s a little bit disappointing. So it’s really nice to be at this point where we have offset our footprint, but then to look at what else could we do to take it further forward and how quickly can we do this to actually make a meaningful impact.”

In this episode of “Driving Profit with Net Zero emissions” podcast, we’re joined by Deb Zimmer, CEO of BridgeClimb Sydney as we delve deep into the world of one of Sydney’s most iconic attractions. Discover the intersection of adventure and sustainability as Deb shares insights into BridgeClimb’s journey towards achieving carbon neutrality.

Join us as we explore:

About BridgeClimb

BridgeClimb has been an integral part of Sydney’s vibrant tourism scene since 1998, offering adventurers from around the globe the chance to experience Australia’s most iconic landmark from an unparalleled perspective. BridgeClimb’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond the thrill of scaling the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They’ve taken significant strides towards a greener future, including their journey to becoming carbon neutral and setting a new standard for eco-conscious tourism.

About Deb Zimmer

Deb Zimmer, CEO of BridgeClimb, has been at the forefront of steering the company through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. With a background that spans over two decades in financial and commercial management, Deb’s leadership extends across various industries and continents. Before joining BridgeClimb, she held significant roles at Virgin Active Australia, Vodafone Hutchison Australia, United Biscuits in London, and PricewaterhouseCoopers in Edinburgh. Deb’s commitment to the community is reflected in her positions on the City of Sydney Business Advisory Panel and the board of Business Events Sydney.

Meet the host

Barbara Albert is the Co-CEO of 100% Renewables. She is passionate about business and works to make organisations’ transition to net-zero emissions simpler and profitable. Barbara is the award-winning author of ‘Energy Unlimited – Four Steps to 100% Renewable Energy‘, one of the world’s most important books on renewable energy, as ranked by peers and experts in the industry.

Connect with Barbara on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/barbaraalbert100/

About 100% Renewables:

100% Renewables is a national consultancy specialising in the development of Net Zero, carbon neutral and climate positive strategies. We work with large energy-using businesses and government organisations with ambitious climate action goals.

In addition to delivering Net Zero strategies and helping our clients achieve carbon neutrality under Climate Active, our other services are:

We are a leader in sustainability communication through our training courses, our “Driving Net Profit with Zero Emissions” podcast and videos, and through our blog posts and monthly newsletters.

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