Episode #2 - Recorded on Jun 02, 2021

Best practice examples and insights for communicating your net zero journey with SEFIANI

Transitioning to net-zero is now prominent on the agenda in many boardrooms. As more companies embark on their sustainability journey, the challenge many face is whether to talk about it and how and when to meaningfully engage with stakeholders.

In this episode, we are talking to Robyn Sefiani, CEO of Sefiani Communications Group. Robyn provides her insights and effective communication strategies for sustainability, citing some strong examples of companies doing it well.

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About Robyn Sefiani:

With a public relations career spanning three decades, Robyn is a specialist in corporate and brand reputation management, strategic communication counsel, issues management, crisis communications and crisis management. Robyn established Sefiani Communications Group in December 1999. Since then, she has built Sefiani into one of Australia’s leading strategic communications consultancies.

About Sefiani Communications Group

Sefiani helps companies enhance their brands and reputations through good communication and protect them when things go wrong through issues and crisis management. Their business focuses on designing strategic communications strategies to solve complex business challenges and seize opportunities. They work with clients to help them manage and share their sustainability journey in a way that is meaningful to their stakeholders, mitigates issues and builds brand reputation.

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