5 reasons why it pays to obtain independent advice when planning your solar PV projects

5 reasons obtain independent advice for solar PV
You have done some preliminary investigation and found that your organisation has buildings that are perfect for the installation of solar panels. You have sustainability or renewable energy targets and know that solar PV can help you cost-effectively achieve your goals. You have management’s approval and are preparing to go to the market and seek offers from solar installers.

The technical specifications for your system, to be incorporated in your tender documentation or Request for Quote, will take into account multiple requirements. These could include your objectives, site plans, orientation and shading factors, electrical infrastructure and metering systems, structural factors, future building plans, provision for battery storage in future, solar PV modelling, monitoring and reporting requirements, and details about your building’s power demand and consumption.

Going to solar installers or your electrical engineer for the development of your technical specifications may seem like the logical next step, and most of the time this will produce an acceptable outcome. However seeking out independent, specialised advice at this stage can help to ensure you get the best solution and value for money, and not just an acceptable solution.

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