Energy Unlimited – Four Steps to 100% Renewable Energy

Energy Unlimited – Four Steps to 100% Renewable Energy

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  • HAVE YOU been tasked with developing a plan to transition your organisation to 100% renewable energy, but need more information to make this project a success?
  • DO YOU want to reduce or eliminate fossil fuels in your organisation, but need to build a business case to get executives on board?
  • ARE YOU an eco-entrepreneur, sustainability consultant, lecturer, student, job seeker, or engaged community member who wants to find out more about renewable energy?

ENERGY UNLIMITED is the ultimate guide for developing a long term, sustainable energy strategy for an organisation. Packed with case studies, critical success factors, 33 illustrations, checklists and practical examples from the author’s experience it provides a powerful, step-by-step framework that will walk you through the end-to-end process of converting to renewable energy.

Written by sustainability expert Barbara Albert, who is a preferred supplier to Australian state and federal governments, this ‘how to’ book gives you the opportunity to lead by example in transitioning to a low-carbon economy.


“Barbara’s expertise and experience is in working with corporations and government bodies (including a number of local councils around Australia), and the book is practical toolbox for senior managers of both private and public organisations. That being said, the book’s language and structure are accessible enough to make it useful to anyone with an interest in energy transformation.”

– Book review by Solar Choice

“Energy Unlimited is not about debates, opinions or the philosophy around renewable energy. Albert rises above the climate change debate by bringing renewable energy strategy into the realm of clever governance and profitable business. Albert’s writing is accessible; her insights are practical, relevant, pragmatic, and clear. This book is for senior managers responsible for making an organisation more sustainable, jobseekers, students and lecturers, as well as engaged community members who want to find out more about renewable energy.”

– Book review by RenewEconcomy

ENERGY UNLIMITED is included in BookAuthority’s 54 Best Sustainable Energy Books of All Time and 100 Best Renewable Energy Books of All Time.

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The book has 272 pages and retails for $34.95. You can get a copy from reputable bookstores, or you can ORDER author-signed copies here.


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Barbara Albert | Director

Barbara is a sustainability advisor, author, trainer, and speaker. She works with businesses and governments on carbon reduction, energy management, and mapping out the path to 100% renewable energy. She regularly teaches energy and carbon management and is a co-founder and director of 100% Renewables.