Science-based targets

What is a science-based target?

Science-based targets (SBT) are greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets that are consistent with the level of decarbonisation that is required to keep global temperature increase within 1.5 to 2°C compared to pre-industrial temperature levels. SBTs provide a trajectory for companies to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Your organisation has a pivotal role in ensuring that the global temperature goals are met, but most existing company targets are not ambitious enough to limit global temperature increases to that limit.

Companies are facing increasing market and regulatory pressure to set targets in line with science Following are the advantages of setting up a SBT:

  • Improve competitive advantage in the market
  • Keep you ahead of changing environmental reporting regulatory landscape
  • Increase your credibility to the stakeholders and buyers
  • Boost your employee morale

ASX listed companies

Australian Institute of company directors actively engage with the impacts climate change related risk

Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

The following steps are required to commit to and announce an SBT

  1. Commit to set a science-based target (internal)
  2. Develop a target (internal)
  3. Submit your target for validation (to SBTi)
  4. 4. Announce the target (public)

How 100% RE can help you setting-up a SBT?

Following is our process to develop a science-based target for your organization. It starts from developing a Business-as-usual case and creating a roadmap/action plan to achieve the final target.

  • 01
    Review your current energy use; Carbon Inventory; develop BAU
  • 02
    Engage your stakeholders to find out what target to set, for when
  • 03
    Plot the SBT line onto your carbon footprint and projection
  • 04
    Cost/benefit assessment of potential opportunities and draft plan
    It’s time to take a stand on a global stage and act on climate change. So what are three steps you can take?
    1. Set a target in line with science
    2. Develop a climate action plan
    3. Reduce emissions in your business and your value chain

What our clients
say about us

Julia Seddon General Manager Corporate Affairs, Inghams

“Barbara from 100% Renewables is a professional, engaging renewable energy and carbon expert, the right sort of person to work with if you want to achieve transformational change in pragmatic steps. She spends time understanding the organisation's current state and it's readiness for change before identifying options for the future and steps to get there. Both a supportive and challenging mentor, Barbara is the ideal partner for organisations keen to move to 100% renewables or carbon neutrality in a way that best suits them.”

Lisa Hall Technical Officer Development & Environment Nambucca Shire Council

“100% Renewables make information about renewable energy accessible to everyone and clearly explain how to plan a journey to increased renewables and decreased carbon emissions. 100% Renewables took the time to understand our needs and were willing to adapt when our circumstances changed. Communication was clear and the report we received provided Council with the information we required.”

Kate Alberry Director Environmental Services, Cowra Council

“Easy to deal with, professional, clear and concise with Councillors.”

Gary Murphy General Manager, Lismore City Council

“I would recommend 100% Renewables to any organisation who are looking for a long-term renewable energy and GHG emissions plan.”