Coffs Harbour Council
April 7, 2016

In 2015, Coffs Harbour City Council engaged and worked with Sustainable Business Consulting (SBC) in the preparation of the Coffs Harbour Emissions Reduction Plan.
SBC brought a strong and engaging methodology to the project which focused on making sure that we got key organisational stakeholders on board and that we got their buy-in to the project.
It was interesting to see all the options Council staff had in terms of energy efficiency and renewable energy and to watch the progress on how unsuitable options were filtered out to arrive at the business cases that made the most sense from an environmental and financial perspective. As you can appreciate, that financial viability is very important for Council to make sure that the plan was able to be financed using innovative financing and delivery options.

SBC provided great advice on the technical feasibility of energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities to ensure that we made the target and interim targets tangible as well as aligning the targets with Council’s existing strategy and plans.

SBC were very responsive and always made sure that Council’s requirements were met and/or exceeded. It was a pleasure to work with Barbara and her team due to their engaging style and technical knowledge and I would recommend SBC to other organisation’s that are moving down this path.