Lismore City Council (LCC)

Lismore City Council
April 13, 2016

Lismore City Council (LCC) boldly committed to become self-sufficient in electricity from renewable resources by 2023. We were one of the first Councils to commit to such a ground-breaking sustainability goal, and we needed expert assistance to develop a practical plan to reach our goal within the limited time frame. Initially the task seemed daunting, but with SBC’s help it all seemed straight forward and achievable. SBC gave us confidence. Stakeholder engagement was really well planned. Our key stakeholders were involved and brought on board throughout the process with interactive workshops, one-on-one meetings and site visits. What I liked was that SBC delivered a strategy and action plan which was very clear and most of all, practical. This has enabled Council to move straight into implementing actions. SBC provided help beyond the development of the plan and helped with moving into the implementation stage. I found that what sets SBC apart is their outstanding knowledge in the field, in addition to their excellent ability to adjust the approach and delivery specifically to the organisations requirements. SBC is very responsive and always willing to help, and always delivers. I would highly recommend them for any project where the client is seeking sustainability leadership through their carbon or energy management.