Western Sydney University tops THE Impact Rankings for the second consecutive year! - 100% Renewables

Western Sydney University tops THE Impact Rankings for the second consecutive year!

On June 1st, the highly anticipated results were unveiled. The Impact Rankings provide a comprehensive assessment of the performance of nearly 1,600 universities worldwide in relation to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By evaluating universities’ contributions in research, stewardship, outreach, and teaching, these rankings shed light on their commitment to sustainability.

This year, we extend our warmest congratulations to Western Sydney University (WSU) for securing the prestigious #1 global ranking for the second consecutive year. This remarkable achievement serves as a testament to Western Sydney University’s unwavering dedication to the Global Goals and its outstanding efforts across various sustainability domains.

Western Sydney University’s global leadership in sustainability

Western Sydney University has demonstrated exceptional leadership in sustainability, particularly in specific SDGs. In Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production, Western Sydney University stands as a global role model, showcasing its commitment to promoting sustainable practices and resource efficiency. Furthermore, the university has secured an impressive 5th position in Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities, highlighting its contributions towards creating liveable, inclusive, and sustainable urban environments. Additionally, Western has achieved the 7th rank in Goal 13 – Climate Action, underlining its commitment to mitigating climate change and building resilience.

Australian universities as global sector leaders

The Impact Rankings for 2023 reflect the collective impact of Australian universities in addressing critical sustainability needs. With an impressive presence, Australian institutions occupy 15 spots in the top 100 of the overall rankings, further solidifying their status as global sector leaders. This remarkable achievement highlights Australia’s commitment to sustainability within the higher education sector and its dedication to creating a greener and more sustainable future for all.

Collaboration with 100% Renewables

At 100% Renewables, we are incredibly privileged to collaborate with several leading institutions that have excelled in the Impact Rankings. Western Sydney University, along with the University of Newcastle and the University of the Sunshine Coast, are among our esteemed partners. Their commitment to sustainability and their exceptional performance in the rankings exemplify their dedication to driving positive change in their communities and beyond. In our ‘Creating Change: Western Sydney University’s Sustainable Leadership’ episode for the Driving Net Profit with Zero Emissions show, Barbara Albert, Co-CEO of 100% Renewables, engages in an enlightening conversation with Dr. Roger Attwater, exploring how Western Sydney University is creating a profound impact through its sustainability leadership.


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