What is “Energy-on-Call”?

Implementing emissions reduction projects is exciting, but sometimes it can help to have access to experts to help you with your net zero journey.

“Energy-on-Call” (EoC) will give you access to net zero experts who are readily available and able to provide support on an as-needs basis to respond to a range of support needs or queries.


You may not have the in-house resources to assess, specify and procure emissions reduction projects. It helps to engage experts who can provide valuable input and help develop solutions.


You may need to be able to access an expert quickly to be a sounding board to discuss or exchange ideas with. For example, you may want to discuss future ideas or offers received from suppliers.


Often, all that is needed is a quick answer to a problem. Subscribing to Energy-on-Call means you can ring us and ask, without having to go through a new procurement, saving you time and money.

We’ve designed this service to support you with your emissions reduction needs and to provide a few hours of support and advice each month. The advantage of this service is that it simplifies your procurement by providing a low-cost service that can be renewed once you have used your full allocation or full subscription.

How does Energy-on-Call work?

  • 100% Renewables provides a primary point of contact who will direct our response.
  • You will provide a primary contact through whom support requests or queries will be channelled.
  • Email, phone and MS Teams/Zoom requests are acceptable ways to contact us.
  • We will track time spent on your account. Regularly and at the end of your package, we will provide you with a statement summary, so you can keep track of and assess the value of services.
  • While we anticipate that requests for support will be led by you, we will also proactively contact you to enquire about your current needs

What are examples of services that we will provide?

A range of valuable services can be provided within the scope of this agreement, such as:

  • Ad-hoc support for your Climate Active carbon neutrality needs
  • You want help to develop business cases for efficiency and renewable energy projects that you want to implement
  • You have received a quotation and want to know whether the cost or savings are accurate based on our experience
  • You want to go to the market for emissions reduction solutions and wish to discuss options and exchange ideas via an online meeting, or to develop technical specifications
  • You are unsure how to look at and interpret a load profile/interval data for a facility and want help to do this
  • You want information on a topic relevant to your sustainability goals
  • You prepare regular reports for management on your greenhouse gas emissions and action plans and want someone to sense-check the data or information before you publish
  • You are interested in including scope 3 emission sources in your carbon inventory and want help to establish your boundary and start collecting data
  • You need to present to management and need help with the content or the delivery
  • You need a quick desktop assessment of a solar PV opportunity

What will you get throughout your subscription to Energy-on-Call?

  • Payment method and schedule
    • We will send you an invoice at the start of the period. Once payment is received, your balance will be increased with the dollar value of the package you bought.
  • Timesheet and rates
    • We will be logging our time against a timesheet using our standard charge-out rates and will submit a detailed timesheet at the conclusion of the EoC service.
    • Once you have used your full allocation or full subscription, you can simply renew and start again.

For further information, please download our Energy-on-Call brochure.