Financing strategy

In addition to developing your net zero strategy, you will also be planning how to best finance and resource the implementation of your strategy to achieve your goals. Your plans to reduce emissions will need to align with your business’ strategic and operational plans and budget cycles, and you may want to consider a range of options to finance your net zero projects, given your circumstances and objectives.

Like many businesses, you will most likely finance many projects through your capital and operating budgets. You may want help to prioritise the projects that offer the best return and secure support from key stakeholders. Another key strategy you should pursue is to stay abreast of grant funding and other incentives that are available. For larger or more complex projects, you may want to evaluate loan-financed, leasing, BOOT or EPC approaches to delivering your savings.

There are also other, more innovative options to fund your net zero strategy, such as establishing an internal carbon price, an onsite solar PPA, or creating a revolving energy fund.

With these different financing options, varying degrees of skills, human resources, internal systems and processes are required to help set them up and maintain them.

How can we help you with your financing needs?

We can help you define your optimal financing strategy to deliver your net zero strategy. Specifically, we can support you with:

  • Pre-evaluating possible financing options and selecting a shortlist
  • Relating each option to your current situation
  • Determining the risks and opportunities of each financing option
  • Workshopping the best options with key organisational stakeholders
  • Developing a draft financing pathway – determining when to finance what project
  • Model scenarios based on different inputs
  • If needed, help with establishing an internal price on carbon or setting up a revolving energy fund
  • Obtaining feedback from your leadership team
  • Refining your preferred financing options and scenario modelling
  • Developing a final pathway for implementation

What will you get throughout the delivery?

  • Cumulative cash flow of your action plan
  • Comparison of financing options
  • Scenario and budget modelling

For further information, please download our Financing Strategy brochure.

More information:

Below is an example for a cumulative cash flow model of the implementation of a net zero plan using a combination of a revolving energy fund, loan-funding and financing from the budget. Savings from emissions reduction projects are put back into the fund to enable further projects to be implemented.

Example for a cumulative cash flow model

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