Implementation support

Implementation support

For many organisations across Australia, renewable energy installations, like solar PV, are fast becoming an important part of their future energy model. Similarly, efficiency solutions such as LED lighting are being rapidly deployed across businesses.

However, we find that many organisations are struggling with finding the right solution for their circumstances. The problems that companies are experiencing are that they:

  • are being inundated with unsolicited proposals for efficiency and renewable energy solutions and get overwhelmed by all the different offers
  • experience difficulty in putting together strong business cases to justify expenditure on efficiency and renewables projects, particularly when setting annual budgets
  • struggle with putting the tender specifications together that will help them select the best provider with minimal risk exposure
  • find it hard to compare the proposals to one another, as suppliers use different underlying calculation models
  • lack the data management and/or monitoring capability to evaluate the success of projects


This is how we can help you:

We are an independent consultancy company that is completely agnostic of solutions that will be put in, or of suppliers seeking to be selected. We are not affiliated with any products or suppliers. All we are interested in is finding and helping to select the best possible solution for you. In line with this we can assist your implementation program by:

  • Developing business cases for specific projects
  • Helping you budget for viable projects that will add value and profit to your business
  • Write briefs / tender specifications that will minimise risk and lead to better offers
  • Evaluate offers with you to help you select the solution that represents the best value for money and lowest risk to your organisation
  • Providing independent advice and support through the implementation phase
  • Supplying independent monitoring and verification expertise to ensure you get accurate information on the success of your projects

As is the case with our other services, we will be completely open and transparent in our communication with you. We will always share our knowledge and make sure that your internal capacity is built so you can have confidence in the proper implementation and running of your energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more.

Client testimonial:

We were looking for an independent review of solar specifications. 100% Renewables did an excellent job in providing unbiased views on solar panel, inverters and also the electrical works for a fool-proof solar system.

100% Renewables demonstrated a great commitment and passion in helping us achieve our goal to install renewables on council sites. The recommendations were unbiased making us comfortable to opt for the best systems.

Sustainability Officer