Master Plan

Your 100% Renewable Energy Master Plan

The 100% Renewable Energy Master Plan is our flagship product and is suitable for organisations that have committed to a goal of 100% renewable energy and have an annual energy spend of at least $0.5m.

Your Master Plan incorporates an assessment of your most suitable energy efficiency and renewable energy options in a pathway that will lead you to 100% renewable energy.

Your Master Plan includes a comprehensive stakeholder engagement and education process that results in an empowered workforce that feels ownership. The result of our work is a costed action plan with a financing strategy that is aligned with your organisation’s financial situation and stakeholder preferences.

Your Master Plan is developed over five steps and typically takes between three and six months from start to completion.

phase1-with-arrowsThe initial learning and analysis phase of work is about aligning ourselves with your current situation regarding energy and carbon management and projecting what your energy and carbon footprint will be in future in the absence of actions additional to those already committed. We will carry out initial one-on-one engagement to understand your situation and sustainability goals from the perspective of a range of stakeholders, and collate and analyse your data and information.
phase2-with-arrowsAn effective stakeholder engagement and consultation process is at the heart of 100%RE’s approach to our projects. We recognise that the establishment of a broad consensus about what actions will be developed and implemented to achieve your targets, and the establishment of ownership of goals and initiatives is critical to the success of the Renewable Energy Master Plan.

phase3-with-arrowsThe most important aspect of the initial stakeholder consultations and site visits is the building of consensus about what actions will best help you get to 100% renewable energy, where solutions can potentially be deployed, and what can potentially be accomplished within your operations compared with externally-hosted solutions.The outcomes from the initial analysis / projections and consultations provide the basis for detailed evaluation of all opportunities for all sites and externally hosted measures. This will be the focus of this part of the project.

phase4-with-arrowsThe development of business cases for energy efficiency and renewable energy will show a pathway to 100% renewable energy, and will show the costs and financial savings for these measures.

Beyond this level of analysis 100%RE will work with you to further explore the financing and delivery options that are likely to be considered as the Plan is implemented over time.

phase5A final Renewable Energy Master and Action Plan will be prepared taking into account all feedback received from your stakeholders.


You can download a PDF of this content: Developing a Renewable Energy Master Plan – 100% Renewables.