Solar feasibility and implementation

Solar panels, and increasingly battery energy storage devices, are a proven way for business to significantly reduce energy costs, improve the bottom line, and contribute to emissions reduction targets.

Getting your solar or battery system right at the start is critical to ensure your savings are achieved and sustained in the long term. Independent, expert advice is a small initial investment that pays off for the life of your system. Our independent expertise has helped NSW Government and many leading organisations make sound business decisions about their solar PV needs that is reducing their energy costs and emissions.

Our expert consultants can help you at any stage of your project, including design and feasibility assessment, developing technical specifications, evaluating quotations and helping you select the best value-for-money solution, developing monitoring and maintenance plans, and assessing post-installation performance and identifying corrective actions.

Why should you consider engaging us for your solar needs?

  • Our independent expertise will determine the optimum size system for your building, taking into account your energy demand, usage patterns, desired outcomes, roof space, orientation and shading, and match this with the correct technology and system design.
  • Solar PV systems are made up of several parts. Finding the optimum integrated solution can best be achieved using an independent expert who can specify the most suitable panels, frames, inverters, monitoring and metering solution.
  • Our CEC accredited experts will consider your immediate and long-term opportunities. Future developments, like more efficient panels, electric vehicle charging, battery storage, virtual net metering or system expansion, may enhance your system’s performance and deliver added value.
  • It is common to get both under- and over-estimation of the cost savings from solar PV systems, leading to uncertainty about their future performance. Our know-how in solar PV modelling, tariffs and retail rates leads to a precise assessment of the benefits.
  • Independent advice or input to tender documentation ensures that a range of suppliers can respond to specified skills, standards, and requirements. Input to the evaluation is similarly unbiased and presents your decision-makers with a fair, like-for-like comparison of quotes.

How can we help you with your solar needs?

We can help you with your behind-the-meter, as well as with mid-scale or customer-scale solar farms. Here is how we can help you with your onsite solar needs:

What will you get throughout the project delivery?

Feasibility and prioritisation

  • Correctly sized solar/battery/EV charging systems
  • Highest return on investment
  • Optimised design with tier-1 equipment
  • Prioritised implementation plan

Specification and evaluation

  • High-quality responses from the market
  • Rigorous evaluation to select best value for money
  • Framework for future evaluation
  • Summary report for ELT approval

Implementation and performance services

  • Ensure best-practice installation
  • Sustain your return on investment over the long term
  • Peace of mind that your systems are operating safely
  • Optimised management of your solar/battery/EV charging

For further information, please download our Onsite Solar Feasibility brochure.

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