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Training and Content Development

At 100% Renewables, we understand the critical role of effective communication in achieving net zero emissions. Our approach combines technical expertise with clear, engaging content development and training delivery to empower and educate stakeholders on the journey to net zero.

Empowering through knowledge: Training development

Our training programs are tailored to your needs, offering everything from board briefings to in-depth sessions and engaging webinars. We pride ourselves on delivering clear, impactful training that resonates across various sectors. From face-to-face masterclasses for SMEs in manufacturing and agriculture to comprehensive online workshops like “The Competitive Edge: Getting Started with Decarbonisation” in collaboration with Austmine, we cover all bases. Our partnership with Bridgestone and NatRoad on the “Road to Decarbonisation” e-learning program exemplifies our commitment to supporting industries in their decarbonisation efforts.

Simplifying complex concepts: Guide development

Our guides are designed to make complex climate concepts accessible. The Carbon Offset Guide is just one example of how we translate complex information into clear, actionable insights, supporting your decarbonisation journey every step of the way.

Here is a list of guides we have developed:

  • Western Australia Emissions Reduction Framework for Government Organisations
  • Carbon Offset Primer for Local Governments
  • Transition to Net Zero: Local Government’s Role
  • Revolving Energy Fund Implementation Guide and Excel Tool
  • Hot Water Guide for Residents and Businesses
  • GreenPower® Guide for Businesses

Streamlining your decarbonisation efforts: Tool development

Efficiency in carbon data management is crucial. Our tools, like the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Calculation Tool for local governments and the carbon calculator for the trucking industry, demonstrate our innovative approach to simplifying your climate action efforts. Additionally, our expertise in creating user-friendly online applications and custom Power BI dashboards enables dynamic, real-time data analysis and reporting.

Join us on your journey to decarbonisation

With 100% Renewables, you’re not just gaining a service provider; you’re partnering with a team dedicated to empowering your sustainable future. Our training sessions, guides, and tools are all crafted with one goal in mind: to help you make informed decisions and take meaningful steps towards a net zero future. To explore how we can support your net zero journey with our content and training delivery services, please contact us. Stay updated with our latest insights and stories by subscribing to our newsletter and listening to our podcast, “Driving Net Profit with Zero Emissions.”

What Our Clients Say
about us

After completing this webinar I now have a strong understanding of the terminology surrounding decarbonization, the carbon footprint of my company and the value this offers being a supplier in the mining market.


I've learned a lot myself. It's a been a joy to explore how pragmatic you are in your approach. It's a very high quality thoughout. And like every training material, the hardest part is understanding how much do we include, what do we not include, etcetera. That's a huge part of developig training material. And again I think you've done it at the perfect level.

Teresia Fors NatRoad - Commercial Director

The training has left a lasting impact, and I feel more equipped to contribute to sustainable practices in my field. I would like to extend my gratitude to you and your team for this remarkable experience. I look forward to any future training opportunities you might offer. Keep up the fantastic work in helping us transition to a more sustainable and greener future.


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Our podcast is an example of the type of content we can create: “Driving Net Profit with Zero Emissions” podcast.

Please listen to our podcast episode on the importance of communicating your net zero journey well

Examples of how we create videos can be seen here:

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One of our services offers is helping our clients determine their Climate Active carbon footprint and obtain Climate Active carbon-neutral certification. Watch our mini-video series which discusses Frequently Asked Questions about the Climate Active Program.

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There is much confusion about what embodied emissions are and how to measure them, so we thought it would be a good idea to publish our clients’ most frequently asked questions and our answers.

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Target setting is difficult. What should the level of ambition be? How can you choose a target in line with science? Science-based targets are carbon reduction targets consistent with the level of decarbonisation required to keep global temperature increase within 1.5 to 2°C. Watch our video series on science-based targets.

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What do the terms carbon-neutral, net-zero and climate-neutral mean? What kind of greenhouse gas emissions are included and what are the different kinds of greenhouse gases? What factors should you consider when setting yourself a carbon neutral or net zero goal? Please watch these mini-videos to find out more.

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Setting climate change targets is an important part of developing a renewable energy or carbon reduction strategy for your business. Watch our mini-video series which discusses about the basics of goal setting and about the scope of your target.

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At 100% Renewables, we are constantly looking at innovative ways to deliver services to our clients. Using technology, our virtual energy audits will save you time, money and upskill your staff. Our carbon footprint is also reduced. Let’s have a look at how virtual site visits work.

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