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Value Chain Emissions
Net Zero Strategy

According to the CDP, on average, organisations report supply chain GHG emissions that are 5.5 times greater than their scope 1 and 2 emissions. Increasingly, the market expects organisations to take greater stewardship of upstream and downstream emissions and that net zero targets incorporate value chain emissions.

If you have focused on reducing scope 1 and 2 emissions in the past and want to extend your carbon footprint boundary to the whole value chain, then perhaps it is time for you to develop a value chain emissions net zero strategy.

The benefits are multifold, such as engaged suppliers, sustainable procurement strategies that can help you save costs, and perhaps having to purchase fewer offsets to balance your value chain emissions because you are focusing on more direct abatement.

Why should you consider engaging us for your value chain emissions net zero strategy?

To develop your value chains emissions strategy, you need consultants that are experienced in stakeholder engagement, developing scope 3 inventories according to Climate Active and GHG Protocol rules, and net zero strategies for your value chain. We have several Climate Active registered consultants, procurement experts and engagement specialists on our team, and have developed more than 100 net zero strategies for our clients.

How can we help you with your value chain emissions strategy?

100% Renewables can help you understand and develop a value chain emissions strategy for your business. Below, you can find our methodology for how we help our clients reduce their scope 3 carbon footprint.

What will you get throughout the project delivery?


  • Stakeholder alignment on the need for value chain decarbonisations
  • Identification of your footprint boundary across VCE
  • Knowledge of emerging trends
  • Gap analysis between current systems and future requirements


  • Inventory of scope 3 emissions
  • Your top scope 3 ‘hotspot’ emissions that you want to and can influence
  • Engagement plan for Tier 1 suppliers to drive change
  • Knowledge about other emissions sources that will inform future plans


  • Net zero plan for ‘hotspot’ emissions
  • Deeper engagement with your Tier 1 suppliers
  • VCE Net Zero strategy including footprint, Tier 1 plan, future priorities
  • Recommended changes to policies, systems and processes

For further information, please download our Value Chain Emissions Strategy brochure

What Our Clients Say
about us

“100% Renewables guided us expertly through every step of the process. They went above and beyond answering all our questions and supporting us during the application process. During the project, I liked their incredible insights and the guidance from all the team members. Truly going above and beyond.”

Brianna Barwise Program Producer for Climate Change, Powerhouse Museum

We have worked with 100% Renewables on a number of important energy strategies for our organisation. What we liked best in the recent project delivery was how 100% Renewables engaged with our team in collaboratively developing the plan within a tight timeframe.”

Dr. Roger Attwater Senior Manager, Environmental Sustainability, Western Sydney University

“100% Renewables is an excellent consultancy in the carbon and renewable energy space.Their reports are very well presented and easy to read. Barbara's responsiveness, can-do attitude and attention to detail are second to none.”

Dr. Barry Manor Sustainable Transport Consultant, Blacktown City Council

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According to the GHG Protocol, specifically the Corporate Value Chain Accounting and Reporting Standard, there are 15 categories of Scope 3 emissions. Keen to hear what they are? It’s going to be a long list. Please watch our videos about Scope 3 emissions.

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A significant part of our work is analysing our clients’ emissions and developing carbon footprints. With more and more attention on value chain emissions, embodied emissions are fast becoming a focal point. Please watch our videos about embodied emissions.

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