The dawn of ASRS: How it will revolutionise climate impact reporting in Australia - 100% Renewables

The dawn of ASRS: How it will revolutionise climate impact reporting in Australia

As part of our commitment to climate leadership, we at 100% Renewables are proud to present a multi-part video series on the Australian Sustainability Reporting Standards (ASRS). In this blog post, we’re featuring the first video, which sets the stage for what ASRS will mean for businesses across Australia.

Join Barbara Albert as she introduces the ASRS and its impact on Australian businesses, highlighting the shift towards climate-related disclosures and the importance of climate action. A concise overview for those looking to understand ASRS‘s role in driving transparency and sustainability.

The game-changer for businesses

ASRS isn’t just a new set of requirements to follow or boxes to tick—it represents a fundamental shift towards integrating climate action into the heart of business operations. It’s about taking proactive steps towards sustainability that go beyond compliance.

What ASRS means for your business

Whether you’re a global player or a local supplier, the forthcoming ASRS will demand a new standard of transparency in how you report your carbon footprint and approach climate risks and opportunities. The implications of ASRS will touch businesses of all sizes, making it a universal pivot towards a more sustainable future.

The four pillars of ASRS

The framework of ASRS rests on four primary pillars:

➡️Governance: Your disclosure must detail the governance around climate-related issues, including the roles and responsibilities within your company.

➡️Strategy: You will need to articulate your strategic response to climate-related risks and opportunities, and how these shape your business model and financial planning.

➡️Risk management: This includes how your company identifies, assesses, and manages climate risks within the broader scope of business risks.

➡️Metrics and targets: You’re expected to set and report on specific climate-related metrics and targets, demonstrating your commitment to measurable action.

The road ahead

This series will guide you through the essential aspects of ASRS compliance. We analyse key areas such as carbon footprinting, climate risk assessment, transition planning and target setting, offering insights into the broader impacts of ASRS on business dynamics and sustainability practices.

From draft to final standards

This first instalment of our video series is just the beginning. As ASRS moves from draft to final form, we will continue to provide you with the latest information and guidance. Our aim is to support you in aligning with ASRS, helping transform your business operations for a sustainable future.

Stay tuned for subsequent videos and blog posts in our series, which will further explore the intricacies of ASRS. Connect with us for in-depth discussions and expert advice on navigating these new standards. If you’re ready to begin your journey towards ASRS compliance, reach out to us at, and let’s make climate and decarbonisation an integral part of your business strategy. At 100% Renewables, we specialise in empowering businesses with the necessary tools and strategies to prepare for ASRS compliance. Whether it’s providing carbon footprint assessments, identifying climate-related risks and opportunities, establishing targets, or developing transition plans, we’re dedicated to supporting you through each phase of the process.

Next in the series

As we navigate through the complexities of the ASRS, our next blog post will explore the mandatory vs. voluntary sustainability reporting landscape. We’ll compare the nuances of these two reporting streams and discuss how they can complement each other to enhance your company’s sustainability profile. Stay tuned to learn how aligning your reporting with global sustainability goals can benefit your business and help meet stakeholder expectations.

ASRS Complimentary Course

In our ongoing dedication to assist businesses in their sustainability endeavours, we’ve revamped this multi-part blog and video series into a complimentary online course. Alongside the video content, the course offers additional resources and quizzes designed to enhance your comprehension of the ASRS.

Kickstart your journey towards mastering the ASRS. Join now by following this link. Don’t hesitate to share this opportunity within your network to collectively advance the climate agenda.

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