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Community Net Zero Strategy

For many local governments, action to reduce operational emissions is about leadership in their communities, and is often followed by the development of strategies and action plans to help communities reduce their emissions and adapt to climate change. 100% Renewables has worked extensively with State and local governments to develop community net zero strategies.

What does planning for a net zero community involve?

Best practice community and city climate action strategies have four core underpinning themes.

  1. Leadership and commitment, such as through action by community leaders like local government, and through public commitment to and participation in leading national and global movements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These include, for example, Cities Power Partnership, Global Compact of Mayors, C40, and commitment to aligning abatement action with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  2. Measurement and tracking a city’s or a community’s carbon footprint enables a starting point to be established, and actions designed that respond to the key emissions sources over time. Community emissions need to be developed that are aligned with the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (GPC).
  3. Strategies and detailed action plans that identify and plan for measures to reduce emissions associated with Stationary Energy, Mobility and Resources, to sequester carbon through land-based and blue carbon measures, and to finance and resource the actions that will lead to a low carbon future.
  4. Identification of the levers that governments, business and communities have that can drive action by each of these groups as well as through collaborations and partnerships with each other.

Why should your council and community consider becoming net zero?

Working towards net zero shows that your council and community acknowledge the need to decarbonise, you see the opportunities this creates for your residents and businesses, and you have a plan that aims to realise these benefits and create jobs and opportunities into the future. You also recognise the benefits of having a comprehensive regional climate action strategy, with a community that is motivated to work together.

Key benefits of transitioning to net zero are:

  • Reduce emissions to net zero by 2050 or earlier
  • Keep temperature within 1.5 degrees Celsius
  • Help cities and communities adapt to climate change and become more resilient
  • Create new business and employment opportunities for your community

How do we help you achieve community net zero?

We have a proven four-step method for delivering community net zero strategies, which includes:

  1. Developing a GPC-compliant community carbon footprint and forecasting future trends.


  2. Deep engagement with communities via public workshops, online surveys and focus group workshops with a range of business and community groups to identify opportunities, levers, barriers and champions.


  3. Analysis of opportunities and levers that can drive deep decarbonisation, and mapping actions over the long term to reach net zero emissions in line with science.


  4. Finalisation of a city or community net zero strategy through public exhibition and formal adoption.

For further information, please download our Community Net Zero Strategy brochure

What Our Clients Say
about us

“Barbara did an exceptional job of understanding what we wanted to achieve; bringing together a lot of varied and pieced together information to create a Sustainability Strategy that was a perfect representation of our current situation and what we want to achieve as an organisation and in our community. The workshops Barbara facilitated to develop Councils action plans were well planned and ran like clockwork. The resulting action plan is relevant and achievable, leading Council in a direction that aligns with the organisations values and goals whilst giving flexibility to broaden the scope if and when required.”

Tracey Carr Sustainability Coordinator, Tamworth Regional Council

“Nicolas and the 100% Renewables team were always willing to provide clarity and discuss all aspects of the project to make sure we stayed on track and had the most accurate data. We had regular project updates that have been the key to the success of our project.”

Tegan Yasserie Environmental Scientist, Sutherland Shire Council

“Barbara and Patrick made our experience with 100% Renewables so easy, they quickly assessed our needs and were able to deliver advice is a practical, friendly and professional manner. 100% Renewables have the knowledge, expertise and capacity to deliver high-quality advice presented in a way that meets the brief and is meaningful to the client organisation.”

Ken Wilson Waste & Sustainability Coordinator, Clarence Valley Council

What our clients say about us

Julia Seddon General Manager Corporate Affairs, Inghams

100% Renewables are professional, engaging renewable energy and carbon experts, the right sort of people to work with if you want to achieve transformational change in pragmatic steps. They spend time understanding the organisation's current state and it's readiness for change before identifying options for the future and steps to get there.”

Dr. Roger Attwater Senior Manager, Environmental Sustainability, Western Sydney University

We have worked with 100% Renewables on a number of important energy strategies for our organization. What we liked best in the recent project delivery was how 100% Renewables engaged with our team in collaboratively developing the plan within a tight timeframe.

Shannon Khalifeh Sustainability Manager Warrigal Aged Care

The 100% Renewables team are great at listening to our needs as their customer. The strategy was tailored to our organisational needs and strategic directions while also incorporating their expert advice.”

Dennis Frost USC Operations Manager, University of the Sunshine Coast

The best part of our experience with 100% Renewables was their personal, professional and partnership approach. Their team is focused on professional output..”

Michael Mathias Manager, Environmental Sustainability, Uniting

100% Renewables is responsive, proactive and effective communicators. I cannot fault the service.”

Deb Matthews Environmental Sustainability, Anglican Care

100% Renewables is always easy to work with. Great people to work with who get results.”

Matt O'Hara Chief Executive Officer, Oak Flats Bowling and Recreational Club and Illawarra Yacht Club

At times during our sustainability journey, we have needed leadership and guidance to achieve our goals. To this end, we are very proud to be Australia's first and only Climate Active certified Carbon Neutral Registered Club. We could not have achieved this without the expertise, leadership and guidance we received from 100% Renewables over the past years. I would have no hesitation in recommending 100% Renewables as your sustainability partner.

Emma Brannigan Commercial Director, Hartmann

The team at 100% Renewables helped us clearly identify what we needed to do, and the best way to approach it, all while setting up a framework and working document that laid out the information required. The 100% Renewables team is extremely knowledgeable, happy to challenge, and so positive and realistic- it has been a pleasure working with them!”

Dan West Manager Sustainability, Environment and Waste, City of Bayswater

100% Renewables know their stuff and bring independent expertise and experience to help you achieve your emission reduction objectives. What we liked best is their customer focus and interest to understand and work with us.

Jessica Marsh Sustainability Officer – Strategic & Environmental Planning, Kempsey Shire Council

I would say that the team at 100% Renewables are extremely professional and talented, and they made an initially daunting task manageable, and we worked with each other every step of the way. The team have great technical skills as well as engagement approaches that work well together. They were easy to deal with, always contactable and delivered our strategy on time, thank you!

Ken Wilson Waste & Sustainability Coordinator, Clarence Valley Council

Barbara and Patrick made our experience with 100% Renewables so easy, they quickly assessed our needs and were able to deliver advice is a practical, friendly and professional manner. 100% Renewables have the knowledge, expertise and capacity to deliver high-quality advice presented in a way that meets the brief and is meaningful to the client organisation.

Gary Murphy General Manager, Lismore City Council

Lismore City Council has set itself the ambitious goal to be self-sufficient in electricity use by 2023. Sustainable Business Consulting was selected to analyse our energy situation, consult with staff and Councillors and to deliver our Renewable Energy Master Plan. They were professional and engaging in their delivery and provided great value to Council. I would recommend them to any organisation who are looking for a long-term renewable energy plan

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