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If, as a society, we are to meet the Climate Agreement that was signed in Paris in 2015, we need to reach zero net emissions by the second half of this century. Organisations will play a big part in reaching this milestone. As part of their sustainability commitments and to

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How the average council can save ratepayers $1m per year

100% Renewables undertook an investigation of how much regional councils spend on electricity, street lighting and fuels, on average. The results are that a typical rural council in NSW spends about $2.5m per year on electricity, $250,000 on street lighting electricity and roughly $1m on fuels like diesel and petrol. By

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Setting up a Revolving Energy Fund

A lot of times in our work the question comes up as to how energy efficiency and renewable energy projects can best be financed. One financing option is to create a “Revolving Energy Fund”, also known as a ‘Green Revolving Fund’ or ‘Sustainability Revolving Fund’. A Revolving Energy Fund (REF)

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