Summary tables of ambitious carbon and renewables commitments in Australia by states, territories and local governments - 100% Renewables

Summary tables of ambitious carbon and renewables commitments in Australia by states, territories and local governments

Ambitious climate change commitments by Australia's states and local governments
Ambitious climate change commitments by Australia’s states and local governments



Ambitious climate action commitments by states, local governments and communities – Sep 2020


Last week, we published a blog post with state-by-state graphics of ambitious carbon and renewables commitments by local governments in Australia. This week, we are following up with publishing summary tables of these climate change commitments.

Below are three tables that showcase the commitments of states and territories, followed by capital cities, and local governments.

States’ and territories’ climate change commitments

States and territories are committing to both renewable energy as well as carbon reduction targets.

State or territoryRenewable energy commitmentCarbon commitment
Australia~20% from renewable energy sources by 2020 (33,000 GWh by 2020)26-28% emissions reduction from 2005 levels by 2030
ACT100% renewable electricity by 202040% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions on 1990 levels by 2020
Zero net emissions by 2045
NSW20% from renewable energy in line with the RETZero net emissions by 2050
NT50% renewable energy by 2030
SANo new target. 50% renewables target by 2025 largely met.Zero net emissions by 2050
QLD50% renewable energy by 2030Zero net emissions by 2050
VIC40% renewable energy by 2025Zero net emissions by 2050
TAS100% renewable energy by 2022Commitment to establish a zero net emissions target by 2050
WANo targetNo target

South Australia previously had a commitment to 50% renewable energy. However, according to a report by the Climate Council,  South Australia was able to achieve a 43.5% energy production from renewables in 2017. This means that with increasing renewable energy production in 2018, their target is largely met. Since the new Government came in, no new commitments have been made.

Capital cities’ climate change commitments

Australian capital cities have mostly committed to carbon reduction goals, with many of them targeting or having already achieved carbon neutral/net zero emissions status.

Capital CityCommitment
ACT GovernmentCarbon neutral by 2020
City of AdelaideZero net emissions from council operations by 2020
First carbon neutral town by 2050
Brisbane City CouncilCarbon neutral council from 2017
Melbourne City CouncilCarbon neutral council by 2020
City of PerthReduce council emissions by 20% by 2020
Facilitate a 32% reduction in citywide emissions by 2031
City of Sydney*Reduce emissions by 70% for the LGA by 2030
50% renewable energy for the LGA by 2030
Net zero emissions for the LGA by 2050

*The City of Sydney has made a pledge to achieve 100% renewable energy, with details to come in the Sustainable Sydney 2050 strategy, which will be developed in 2019.

Local governments’ and LGAs’ climate change commitments

This table showcases ambitious carbon and energy commitments by local governments and their communities. If you are interested in learning more about the difference between renewable energy and carbon targets, you should read our blog post on whether carbon neutral and 100% renewables are the same.

New additions to the list of local governments include Moreland Council, City of Darebin, Broken Hill Council, Logan Council, Noosa Council, Hepburn Council, Mornington Peninsula Council, Warrnambool Council, Nambucca Council and the City of Randwick Council.

Council or Local Government AreaCommitment
Byron Shire Council100% renewable energy by 2027
Net zero emissions by 2025
Byron Bay communityPlan for first zero net emissions community
City of Greater Bendigo100% renewable energy by 2036
Coffs Harbour City Council100% renewable energy by 2030
Eurobodalla Shire Council100% renewable energy by 2030
City of Fremantle100% renewable energy by 2025
Carbon neutral since 2009
Zero carbon for LGA by 2025
Gold Coast City CouncilCarbon neutral by 2020
City of Greater GeelongZero carbon council by 2050
Lismore City CouncilSelf-generate all electricity needs from renewable sources by 2023
Mullumbimby100% renewable energy by 2020
Newstead Village100% renewable energy by 2017
City of ParramattaCarbon neutral by 2022 with 60% emissions reduction by 2038 based on 2015 levels
Port Macquarie-Hastings Council100% renewable energy by 2027
City of Port PhillipZero net emissions by 2020
Tweed Shire Council50% renewable energy by 2025
Tyalgum VillagePlan to be off the grid, 100% renewable energy, with batteries
Uralla TownPlan to be first zero net energy town
Yackandandah Town100% renewable energy by 2022
Moreland Council100% renewable energy by 2019
Carbon neutral for operations since 2012
Zero carbon emissions Moreland by 2040
City of DarebinZero net carbon emissions across Darebin by 2020
Broken Hill Council100% renewable energy status by 2030
Logan CouncilCarbon neutral by 2022
Noosa CouncilNet zero emissions by 2026
Hepburn CouncilCarbon neutral by 2021
Mornington Peninsula CouncilCarbon neutral by 2021
Warrnambool CouncilCarbon neutral city by 2040
Nambucca CouncilZero net carbon emissions within the 2030 to 2050 time frame
Randwick CouncilZero emissions by 2030

100% Renewables is specialised in helping local governments define and achieve their renewable energy and carbon goals. Please speak to Barbara or Patrick for more information.

Feel free to use an excerpt of this blog on your own site, newsletter, blog, etc. Just send us a copy or link and include the following text at the end of the excerpt: “This content is reprinted from 100% Renewables Pty Ltd’s blog. You can also contact us for a copy of the commitment graphics – they are available as standalone JPGs for each government level.

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