Episode #6 - Recorded on Oct 19, 2021

How behavioural science can nudge your business towards net-zero

“One of the behavioural science strategies is called the EAST framework. If you can make something easier, more attractive, more social, and more timely, then you can easily shift behaviour”, explains Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb, one of our guest speakers who is Chief Behavioural Scientist, Senior MBA Lecturer, Superstar of STEM, and soon to be Antarctica explorer.

“When you think about how to engage employees, how to change behaviour, don’t focus on only the levers that will affect the rational side, think about the choice architecture, the social environment, and also the emotions that you want people to feel. And it’s really creativity that’s going to get us out of the climate change mess that we’re in.”, adds Dr Philipe Bujold, an applied behavioural scientist at Rare.

When we develop net-zero strategies for our clients, we typically look at energy efficiency, renewable energy and supply chain opportunities. A great deal of our work is developing business cases for how an organisation can be more energy-efficient, such as lighting replacements, sizing solar installations, helping our clients transition their fleet, or making the right procurement choices. Part of our work is also looking at the leadership, governance and change management that organisations need to undergo to get on and stay on a path towards net-zero emissions.

In this podcast episode, we interview two behavioural scientists – Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb and Dr Philipe Bujold – to investigate how behavioural science can help drive net profit with zero emissions. Together, we dive deep into how organisations can inspire and motivate their employees, suppliers and customers to make and sustain changes in behaviour at all levels that makes driving towards net zero emissions possible, collaborative and successful.

We also discuss what drives our behaviour, how to develop a behavioural change strategy, what we can learn from the recent COVID experience in terms of climate change, and how to measure the success of your behavioural strategy, among others.

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About Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb

Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb is a Chief Behavioural Scientist, Senior MBA Lecturer, Superstar of STEM and soon to be Antarctica explorer. Juliette has a PhD in Experimental Psychology from Cambridge University and has worked for a range of leading government and corporate organisations to develop programs of work encouraging and measuring positive behaviour change. She has a range of academic and commercial experience and runs her own behavioural science consultancy. She has published articles in many leading neuroscience and psychology journals and is featured in a range of media outlets such as Triple J Hack and the Australian Financial Review.

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About Dr Philipe Bujold

Dr Philipe Bujold is an applied behavioural scientist at Rare, a global non-profit that for the last 45 years has been a leader in environmental behaviour-change efforts. Based out of their internal nudge unit, the Center for Behavior & the Environment, Philipe’s work focuses on translating the latest insights from the behavioural sciences into behaviour-change interventions for the commercial, government, and non-profit sectors. He holds a PhD in Behavioural Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge, where – prior to joining Rare – he studied how the brain’s biological constraints lead to predictable biases in the way we make choices.

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Meet the host

Barbara Albert is the Co-CEO of 100% Renewables. She is passionate about business and works to make organisations’ transition to net-zero emissions simpler and profitable. Barbara is the award-winning author of Energy Unlimited – Four Steps to 100% Renewable Energy, one of the world’s most important books on renewable energy, as ranked by peers and experts in the industry.

About 100% Renewables:

100% Renewables is a consultancy founded in 2015. We believe that achieving net-zero emissions can be cost-effective, when done right. We help large energy-using businesses and government organisations make a meaningful difference by responding to climate change while driving financial performance. We are known for developing net-zero strategies that are pragmatic, based on sound business cases, and have organisational buy-in.

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