Episode #13 - Recorded on Jul 19, 2022

Net Zero Fundamentals, Part 2 – Carbon farming, carbon offsetting and insetting

Offsets can offer many other benefits in addition to the carbon benefits, such as economic,  environmental and social ones.

Economic benefits occur when income from the sale of offset credits flows to the community where a project is located and often translates into employment and community support, improved infrastructure, technology transfer, and increased economic activity.

Environmental benefits include increased biodiversity, maintaining habitat for native animal and plant species, improved local air and water quality, avoiding vegetation clearance, re-establishing vegetation on previously cleared areas, and improved environmental management.

Social and cultural benefits are the positive aspects for communities where a project is based, such as employment for local people, living and working on country, capacity building, improved health and education, and access to clean and affordable energy.”


This is part 2 of a special podcast recording based on a webinar that Barbara Albert, our Co-CEO, ran under the Entrepreneur’s Program to explain the fundamentals of Net Zero to Australian small and medium-sized businesses.

In the first part of the recording, Barbara introduced carbon accounting, carbon scopes, calculating your carbon footprint and developing decarbonisation and net zero pathways. In part 2 of this special recording, Barbara introduces important concepts, such as carbon offsetting, carbon farming, and insetting, which are ingredients for a Net Zero or carbon neutral strategy.

The Net Zero fundamentals podcast is sponsored by AusIndustry, a Commonwealth Government program that helps eligible businesses strengthen, grow and innovate, and develop and commercialise new ideas and products  – locally, nationally and globally. The program also helps companies achieve Net Zero via support from consultancies such as 100% Renewables.

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About AusIndustry

AusIndustry delivers a range of programs to support Australian small to medium businesses to boost profits, create more jobs, become stronger and more resilient. Their programs help eligible businesses strengthen, grow and innovate, and develop and commercialise new ideas and products  – locally, nationally and globally. The program connects businesses with support available from across all levels of government – from the Australian Government through to the local level.

The AusIndustry network of Business Development Managers, Regional Managers and Facilitators are spread across Australia, and they provide you with targeted support and guidance to help your business grow, diversify and thrive.

Please also know that the Entrepreneurs’ Programme is collecting expressions of interest to be part of a Net Zero supply chain project launching in Perth and Brisbane in July 2022. Involvement in this project is free and provides eligible businesses with access to industry networks, expert resources and to promote your Net Zero business goal.

If you want to get in touch with AusIndustry, you can connect with them on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/ausindustry/ or visit their website at https://business.gov.au/ . You can also write us an email at info@100percentrenewables.com.au .

Other relevant information

  • 100% Renewables created this flowchart to show the options that are available to large landholders for opportunities to sequester carbon:

            Flowchart for ACCUs – offsetting and insetting, 100% Renewables

Meet the host

Barbara Albert is the Co-CEO of 100% Renewables. She is passionate about business and works to make organisations’ transition to net-zero emissions simpler and profitable. Barbara is the award-winning author of ‘Energy Unlimited – Four Steps to 100% Renewable Energy‘, one of the world’s most important books on renewable energy, as ranked by peers and experts in the industry.

About 100% Renewables

100% Renewables is a national consultancy specialising in the development of Net Zero, carbon neutral and climate positive strategies. We work with large energy-using businesses and government organisations with ambitious climate action goals.

In addition to delivering Net Zero strategies and helping our clients achieve carbon neutrality under Climate Active, our other services are commercial and mid-scale solar feasibility and implementation support, carbon footprinting, science-based target setting, energy auditing, sustainable procurement, fleet transition strategies, financing climate action, and on-call services.

We are a leader in sustainability communication through our “Driving Net Profit with Zero Emissions” podcast and videos, and through our blog posts and monthly newsletters. We showcase examples of climate action leadership and provide answers to our followers’ questions so that others can learn from them and apply them to their own Net Zero journey.

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