THE WHY behind what we do - 100% Renewables

People sometimes ask why I do what I do and it is a very powerful question. Purpose is what sustains you and keeps you going, it’s the motivation behind everything you do. I never previously talked publicly about why I ended up in the energy and carbon sector, so it was a great opportunity to share my story when the Australian Solar Council asked me to present to their membership base.

I am originally from Austria. When I visited Austria a few years ago, I saw what the new energy model looks like – local generation of energy using the power of flowing water, the wind, the sun and growing plants. When Lower Austria announced that it now generates 100% of its electricity from renewable sources, I made it my mission to help Australian organisations achieve the same.

I am lucky to have Patrick with whom I co-founded the company and with whom I share the same vision of helping organisations create a sustainable energy future. When I recently asked Patrick what his motivation and purpose was his answer was, ’cause it just makes sense’. And this, in my view, summarises the beauty of being more energy efficient and switching to renewables – it makes sense from an economic perspective and it helps mitigate climate change – a true win/win solution.

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