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“Go Renewable and Save” – Podcast featuring 100% Renewables’ Barbara Albert

“Go Renewable and Save”

Go renewable and save with 100% RenewablesThe average regional council can save ratepayers $1m per year by implementing a long-term sustainable energy plan and more and more councils worldwide and here in Australia are developing such plans.

This finding was revealed in a podcast published today by Steve Moore and Kris Wozniak from the PROCUREMENT CORNER, who have interviewed Barbara Albert, co-founder of 100% Renewables in their latest show ‘Go Renewable and Save‘.

The co-hosts and Barbara are discussing the international and local developments in this space and how they apply to organisations, and in particular councils. They are also discussing why local government should go renewable sooner rather than later.

If you would like to find out more about how much the average council can save by being more energy efficient and implementing renewables, please visit our page on ‘$1m for the average council‘.

THE WHY behind what we do

People sometimes ask why I do what I do and it is a very powerful question. Purpose is what sustains you and keeps you going, it’s the motivation behind everything you do. I never previously talked publicly about why I ended up in the energy and carbon sector, so it was a great opportunity to share my story when the Australian Solar Council asked me to present to their membership base.

I am originally from Austria. When I visited Austria a few years ago, I saw what the new energy model looks like – local generation of energy using the power of flowing water, the wind, the sun and growing plants. When Lower Austria announced that it now generates 100% of its electricity from renewable sources, I made it my mission to help Australian organisations achieve the same.

I am lucky to have Patrick with whom I co-founded the company and with whom I share the same vision of helping organisations create a sustainable energy future. When I recently asked Patrick what his motivation and purpose was his answer was, ’cause it just makes sense’. And this, in my view, summarises the beauty of being more energy efficient and switching to renewables – it makes sense from an economic perspective and it helps mitigate climate change – a true win/win solution.

Impressions from the inaugural Renewable Cities Australia conference

Barbara Albert speaking at RCA smallres

Patrick and Barbara attended the inaugural Renewable Cities Australia conference in June this year. 100% Renewables is a proud sponsor of RCA, as we truly believe in the role that cities and towns play in our move to a sustainable future,  where we change from a fossil-fuel based energy supply to one that is renewable and clean. 100% Renewables is also providing advice to the strategy and operations of RCA, with Barbara being a member of  RCA’s advisory board.

100% Renewables has great experience in helping councils maximise their energy productivity and production of renewable energy and we talked about this experience at the conference, see photo on the left. If you are interested in the presentation, you can access it here: Resources Section

There were speakers from big cities like Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide, but also from smaller cities and communities talking about their progress in moving towards a future of renewable energy. The forum provided an ideal opportunity for everyone involved in policy, business, education and community to share their progress and learn from others on the journey to 100% renewable energy.

Presentations included the sustainability strategy of various cities, opportunities for generating renewable energy in cities, how councils can partner with their communities to achieve sustainable outcomes, the role of the corporate world in growing renewable cities, low carbon transport opportunities and learning from case study examples where cities and towns are on the way, or have already achieved 100% renewable energy.

Patrick Denvir looking at storage technologies smallres

The forum was co-located with the Energy Storage Conference and Patrick and Barbara had great fun exploring the exhibitor stands, see picture above.
A highlight for Barbara was the beautiful, fully electric Tesla car, featured below.

Barbara Albert in front of a Tesla car smallres

Act quickly: 50% government funding available for an organisation seeking to transition to 100% renewable energy

Fund matching by the OEH for organisations wanting to transition to 100% renewable energyAre you an organisation seeking to shift to renewables, perhaps even to 100% renewable energy?

Then the following offer might be of interest to you.

If you meet the following criteria, you may be eligible for a 1:1 fund matching by the NSW Government:

  1. You are a manufacturing business with operations in NSW with a medium to high energy consumption (at least $500,000 in energy costs per annum)
  2. Your organisation is committed to a sustainable energy future, such as a goal of 100% renewable energy
  3. You will benefit from a plan that will help you achieve your sustainable and renewable energy targets in the most cost-effective way
  4. You are ready to get started with the project before the end of the 15/16 financial year

If this is you, please contact us asap to not miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Barbara to present about the essential steps and options for achieving 100% renewable energy in organisations

After Paris Forum Agenda Barbara Albert presents on 100 percent renewable energy

Barbara Albert, co-founder of 100% Renewables will hold a presentation on how organisations can achieve 100% renewable energy.

In her presentation, she will provide a sneak preview of her upcoming book “Four Steps to 100% Renewable Energy – A Guide for Leading Organisations”. She will introduce the four-step-method and the options for making electricity consumption, natural gas and transport fuels fully renewable.


More details about the agenda can be found at the following link:
AFTER PARIS_ Implications and Opportunities Forum – Agenda

100% Renewables would like to congratulate Coffs Harbour City Council on adopting their Renewable Energy and Emission Reduction Plan

Renewable Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan Coffs Harbour Sustainable Business Consulting
100% Renewables would like to congratulate Coffs Harbour City Council on adopting the Renewable Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan last Thursday.

‘We are so proud of Coffs Harbour City Council to have adopted their ambitious plan to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030’, Barbara Albert, Director of 100% Renewables said, ‘and Patrick and I are very proud to have been involved in Council’s journey in developing their plan which will help them achieve this target’.

The Coffs Coast Advocate published a story on Councils renewed pledge to reduce emissions here: 

Sustainable Business Consulting, our sister company, is currently helping Port Macquarie-Hastings Councils with the development of their Renewable Energy plan. If you would like to have a chat about how we could help you with your renewable energy needs, please contact us at barbara [at]

MD of Sustainable Business Consulting Barbara Albert’s first book due to be released in mid 2016

Barbara Albert book 100% renewable energyHave you heard your competitors publicly declare a commitment to power their operations with 100% renewable energy and wondered how this is technically possible without breaking the bank? Have you followed the cost curve of renewables and watched with excitement how some of them already match the price of fossil fuel based energy?

Are you convinced that transitioning to 100% is the only sustainable option for the future and want to influence senior management to adopt this target? Or has your organisation made a public commitment to 100% and you have been tasked with owning and executing this task? Then this book is for you.

While transitioning to 100% renewable energy is a new mega-trend in sustainability it is no easy task to do cost effectively, and in the best interest of your business. Your organisation could be 100% renewable from your next energy bill, simply by deciding to purchase all of your electricity from renewable sources.

However, buying renewable energy from the retailer is just a straight cost to your business and does not deliver additional benefits like staff engagement, the satisfaction of producing electricity on your site or reducing your underlying energy demand. It also does not give you greater control over your business’ energy use or allow you to innovate.

So what prevents organisations from transitioning to 100% renewable energy? There are a number of common sticking points. These include:

  • They do not know what their options are and have no in-house experience in developing a pathway to 100% renewable energy
  • They worry about the technical and financial feasibility of a 100% renewables goal
  • They are concerned about how they can generate buy-in for the development and implementation of the plan
  • They are not sure whether their customers will value the switch to 100% renewables
  • They lack senior management leadership and commitment
  • They are unsure about how long the process will take

How do we overcome this long list of sticking points? In her book, Barbara guides her readers through a four-step process of transitioning to 100% renewable energy that addresses all these problems. By implementing her method, you can cost-effectively power all of your operations with renewable energy and energy efficiency options that are technically and financially feasible and will have the buy-in of key organisational stakeholders. This book can be the difference between success and failure for your organisation venturing down this path.

Barbara Albert is the managing director of Sustainable Business Consulting and co-founder of 100% Renewables. She is a consultant, trainer and speaker with five tertiary qualifications. She is the go-to person for organisations and local governments wanting to map out the path to 100% renewable energy, as well as implement and sustain the plan over time. Examples of her work include the strategy for Lismore and Coffs Harbour Councils to go 100%. Recently, Lismore Council gained official recognition by winning the Green Globe award for their Renewable Energy Master Plan and by being showcased as one of only two Australian case studies at COP 21 in Paris.

Barbara Albert’s book is due for release in mid-2016 and will be available in hard copy, as well as digitally through Amazon.

Send an email to if you want to be notified once the book has been released.