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Inaugural Energy Leaders Forum and Inspiration Award

The inaugural Energy Leaders Forum (ELF)

I’ve been asked by Luke Poliszcuk, director of ‘Energy Leaders’ to present my vision for the energy sector in 2020 at their inaugural forum on 27 November 2019. The idea of energy leaders quickly resonated with people and the event was sold out within a week of making tickets available.

Barbara Albert presenting at Energy Leaders Forum Sydney Nov 2019
Barbara Albert presenting at the Energy Leaders Forum in Sydney, Nov 2019

About Energy Leaders

Energy Leaders pledge their commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focused on smart, clean, efficient energy solutions that benefit society as a whole. Energy Leaders Forum (ELF) events provide the opportunity to interact with like-minded professionals in the clean energy sector to discuss projects, challenges and solutions, galvanise industry engagement and spark investment opportunities.

About the event

I had the pleasure to share the stage with many wonderful speakers; Ben Hutt, CEO at Evergen, Jackie McKeon from BRC-A, Liz Floyd from Polyglot and Mary Hendriks from the Australian Energy Storage Alliance.

After each of us shared our vision for the sector with the audience, we facilitated small group discussions to get input from forum participants on what they thought the most exciting opportunities were in 2020. Among opportunities identified were utility-scale developments, VPPs, integrated energy solutions for the strata sector, battery storage, corporate PPAs, green hydrogen, going beyond 100% renewables and microgrids.

The Energy Leaders forum will also run annual awards for energy leadership and forum participants brainstormed potential award categories. I’m proud to say that each of the speakers was presented with the very first Energy Leader Inspiration Award.

Barbara Albert Energy Leaders Inspiration Award
Barbara Albert, Energy Leaders Inspiration Award

My vision for the energy sector in 2020

We have 10 years left to achieve meaningful action and to limit global warming. To achieve that, we need the government, businesses, and communities to work together to reduce emissions. In the past decade, global emissions have risen by 1.5% every year. If we continue with our current emissions growth, we will end up with plus 4 degrees.

If current Paris pledges are implemented, global temperatures are projected to rise by 3°C. To stay within a 1.5°C threshold, we need to reduce worldwide emissions by 7.6% every year to avoid a climate crisis.

This is a transformative, unprecedented change that is needed across all sectors. We all need to catch up on the years in which we have procrastinated. We need an acceleration of our efforts, and everything needs to be done faster.

Transforming the electricity sector and renewable energy are two of the easiest opportunities we have to achieve fast emission reduction.

It is my vision and hope that organisations and governments will use 2020 as an opportunity to set a new baseline, look to 2030 in terms of their emissions reduction and develop a plan for how to reduce emissions rapidly.

And I think this vision is supported by the following opportunities:

  1. Renewables have become cheaper than fossil fuel-based energy
  2. Electric vehicles are within reach
  3. RE100
  4. Ambitious commitments by local governments, communities, and the education sector
  5. BRC-A
  6. SBTi
  7. SDGs
  8. NCOS have rebranded to Climate Active and expect membership numbers to increase significantly
  9. NSW’s new energy strategy
  10. Investors driving climate change risk disclosure

The following video shows an excerpt of the speech I delivered.

100% Renewables are experts in helping organisations develop their renewable energy and carbon reduction strategies. To find out more how we can help you, please contact  Barbara or Patrick.

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Welcoming Rasheem Saini to our team

My Journey to 100% Renewables

Rasheem Saini and Patrick Denvir from 100% Renewables

A couple of weeks ago, I joined the team at 100% Renewables as Renewable Energy Consultant and soon after got asked to write a blog post about my journey. Currently, in the world, a lot of things are exploited, for example, fossil fuels, animals, and children. I believe we all have a responsibility to correct the imbalance in this world. My way of correcting this imbalance is to work with organisations to help them achieve a socially responsible outcome such as moving to 100% renewable energy, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and promoting a clean and healthier environment.

Renewable energy has been something that I’ve always been passionate about. It’s an industry where I always wanted to work in. When I heard about the company 100% Renewables I knew straight away just from the name that this is where I wanted to work. As I explored what the company did, I saw all the great projects the company was involved in and instantly could see myself working there.

My interest in renewable energy came from when I moved here from India. In India, I was bombarded with the smell of smog, pollution, uncleanliness on the streets, and children begging on the streets. Coming to Australia I saw the difference in air quality, how people are treated more fairly, and the cleanliness of the environment.

Later at 13 years of age and older, my interest in renewables grew, along with my understanding of smog and that it was caused by human factors. The more information I gathered about smog and pollution, the more I was pointed in the direction of renewable energy as the solution.

I decided to become an engineer, inspired by my Grandfather who was an electrical engineer, where most of his work was done in constructing and developing dams for electricity generation. I want to continue his efforts to bring renewable energy to the world.

I aspire to make a change in this world and to work for a company that aligns with my goals – that’s why I chose to work for 100% Renewables, a company that proves that the journey to 100% renewables is not fiction, it is fact. I have already started to work on many exciting projects and I am looking forward to introducing myself to you over the next couple of weeks and months.


100% Renewables helps business transition to a clean energy future. For more information, please contact Barbara or Patrick.

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Our growth journey from 2015 to 2018

Barbara Albert from 100% Renewables presenting at the CSIRO Innovation Forum

A few weeks ago, we were asked to deliver a presentation on our growth journey at the CSIRO Business Innovation Forum in Sydney. This opportunity allowed us to reflect on our achievements to date and to share our story with you.

In 2009, Barbara started her business Sustainable Business Consulting, and Patrick started his business Patrick Denvir Consulting two years later. In 2011, Barbara was looking for ‘the best energy expert’ and was referred to Patrick by the NSW Government. Thus began our journey in business.

Having collaborated on numerous projects, in 2014 Sustainable Business Consulting was selected to develop the Renewable Energy Master Plan for Lismore City Council, which was the first Council in Australia to commit to 100% renewable energy.

After successfully developing this plan, we were then selected to develop renewable energy master plans for Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie-Hastings Councils who both committed to 100% renewable energy as well. It was then that we decided to make helping business transition to clean energy our main business purpose.

To reflect our new purpose, we merged our two businesses in 2015 and named it ‘100% Renewables’. Our business grew rapidly over the following 18 months, leading to a need for us to find the time and space to plan strategically for the future. In mid-2017 an opportunity came along and we joined the ACU Collaboration Space. Since joining, we have been able to plan ahead, develop strategic partnerships, find a business mentor, grow our business and hire new staff! The Collaboration space has been a major catalyst in helping our business take the step from a partnership of two to a small business of six and growing.

If you are interested in how we have grown, we’d love for you to watch our Youtube video. If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to share it with us. We look forward to helping you with YOUR journey to a clean energy future.

Feel free to use an excerpt of this blog on your own site, newsletter, blog, etc. Just send us a copy or link and include the following text at the end of the excerpt: “This content is reprinted from 100% Renewables Pty Ltd’s blog.

Northern NSW councils continuing their leadership in climate change

Last week, 100% Renewables was pleased to present to and discuss options for Clarence Valley Council to increase the contribution of renewable energy to its operational energy requirements, and to reduce its carbon footprint. Clarence Valley Council has already shown great leadership in its uptake of solar PV, with more than 650 kW installed across numerous sites.

Our work is looking at a range of short, medium and long-term opportunities for Council to significantly increase the level of renewable energy in its operations and to reduce its demand for electricity and fuel. We have also discussed future options that may be available to implement larger scale renewable energy projects in the region. This was timely given the NSW Government’s plans to accelerate the processes to enable new transmission infrastructure to be built to accommodate the wind and solar energy generation that will replace the state’s coal-fired power stations over time.

It was great to present and discuss these opportunities with both Council management as well as the community-based Climate Change Advisory Committee.

While we were in northern NSW it was exciting to hear that Lismore Council won an award in the Community Partnership Collaboration category at the Local Government Excellence Awards for its Community Solar Initiative. This includes a 100 kW floating solar farm at the East Lismore STP, Australia’s largest. Mayor Isaac Smith and Council’s Environmental Strategies Officer Sharyn Hunnisett accepted the award on behalf of Council. Congratulations Lismore City Council!

Sharyn Hunnisset and Isaac Smith from Lismore Council winning the Local Government Award

While we were up in Grafton, we took the opportunity to visit the former hydroelectric Nymboida Power Station, a renewable energy generator that supplied electricity to the region for nearly 100 years.

Barbara and Patrick visiting the Nymboida hydropower plant

Local government leadership and increased solar and wind energy generation in the grid in northern NSW will see renewables supply the region’s energy for the next 100 years and we are excited to be part of that journey.

100% Renewables helps large energy users with transitioning to renewables. If you need help with transitioning to renewable energy, please contact Barbara or Patrick.

Feel free to use an excerpt of this blog on your own site, newsletter, blog, etc. Just send us a copy or link and include the following text at the end of the excerpt: “This content is reprinted from 100% Renewables Pty Ltd’s blog.

Welcoming new team members!

Shayal Singh, Radhika Radhakrishnan and Barbara Albert from 100% Renewables

100% Renewables would like to welcome two new team members, Radhika Radhakrishnan and Shayal Singh.

Radhika has come on board as a research analyst. She is an experienced market analytics professional with knowledge in identifying consumer insights and business opportunities through valuable research.

After having worked in the entertainment retail industry for more than ten years, Radhika wanted to do something more fulfilling and more rewarding, and work in a space where she can make a difference.

Her expertise includes:

  • Research
  • Experience in driving consumer analytics
  • Ability to present complex information in a variety of ways to facilitate executive decisions
Shayal Singh, Energy and Carbon Consultant at 100% Renewables

Shayal is employed as an energy and carbon consultant. Shayal is about to commence the final year of her Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and Business from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), with an expected completion time of June 2019.

Prior to working for 100% Renewables Pty Ltd, Shayal has had a number of roles in renewables and sustainability.

  • Energy and Environmental Coordinator at St Vincent’s Health Australia
  • Energy & Sustainability Analyst for Grosvenor Engineering
  • Sustainability Analyst for Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Her expertise includes:

  • Collation and analysis of data
  • Carbon accounting, management and reporting
  • Research
  • Energy management
  • Stakeholder management

100% Renewables is excited to welcome Radhika and Shayal to our growing team. We look forward to introducing our team to our clients in the coming months.

100% Renewables helps large energy users with transitioning to renewables. If you would like further information, please contact Barbara or Patrick.

Feel free to use an excerpt of this blog on your own site, newsletter, blog, etc. Just send us a copy or link and include the following text at the end of the excerpt: “This content is reprinted from 100% Renewables Pty Ltd’s blog.